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These Labels are preprogrammed and activated energetically by Fran using her TimeWaver quantum resonance device. They will continue to receive vibrational activation at a distance in the Field 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Together with the quantum device, the label, and your personal intent and connection to the frequency creates a powerful multi-dimensional triangle of energy that supports your journey through life.

Place Activated Labels within sight around your daily tasks as a cue to connect to the frequency of energy flowing your way. The more you focus on the desired frequency the more that frequency can fill your life's experiences. 

Each label comes as a sticker. Your choice to use the sticky back or other methods to prop up the label for optimal viewing. 

Instructions for use will be included with your purchase of labels along with the Timewaver treatment list. The first time you read this treatment list please highlight the entries that most resonate with you. Keep the list on your nightstand to read morning and evening as you relax and breathe deeply. 

Transactions are labeled on your statement as: HEALTHCARE, Toronto, ON.