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All of life is light, vibration, frequency, and sound. Thoughts have a frequency Emotions have a frequency Words have a frequency

Your Energy Fields

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We are all energetic beings comprised of frequencies, vibrations, and light particles.

We are surrounded by electromagnetic fields. These fields can be known as your Aura, Biofield, or Information Field.

Frequency, sound, or information in your field is reflective of what is happening in your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. When the energy in your field changes, the energy in your body responds. When the energy in your body changes, the frequencies in your field are altered.

For example, when you experience fear, your electromagnetic field is influenced and changes the vibrations in your field. Your body and your field are in constant communication with each other. Both start to respond on a molecular level to the energy of fear.  In Chinese medicine, the organ system that relates to fear are the kidneys, and the element is water. If exposed to fear for long periods of time this may start to breakdown the flow of your water system and in turn influence your kidneys. The vibration of fear can come from a new emotion, an outside influence, an old familiar feeling, from the past, or even an ancestral fear stuck in your field.

Exercise is a great example of how your body affects your energy field. When you exercise, your organ systems respond, energy flows, you begin to vibrate with a sense of positive energy. You feel good about yourself. Your light is shining. The electromagnetic field surrounding you becomes charged with brilliant energy.

At the deepest level, everything is energy, and everything has an electromagnetic field. Every organ system has its own set of coherence frequencies. The energy field of your heart can be detected several feet away from your body. Every cell has a field and can communicate with every other cell energetically.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have the universal field and the global field. The planet earth has a field that responds to global events. The population of a country has a combined energetic field. A family or tribe has an energy representative of all its members. Your individual field extends 5 – 6 feet out from your body.

When you spend time in close proximity with someone, your fields are mingling, and energy can be exchanged. As energetic beings, it is important that we pay attention to the quality and flow of our energy bodies. Each of us are responsible for maintaining our own energy field, for recharging our batteries, and for allowing our light to shine brightly. Negative emotions like fear or anger cause us to leak our life force.

Love is a powerful frequency, to strengthen and reinforce your energy field.
Abundance, Focus, and Creativity are unique frequencies for more aliveness.
Gratitude, Acceptance, and Trust open the heart to greater opportunities.
Balance, Awareness, and Grounded help you be fully embodied.

Let Molecular Wisdom brighten your energetic field. With continual frequency fine tuning. Feel the difference! 

Your life is a reflection of the story you tell yourself about yourself and believe! LET’S WRITE A NEW STORY!

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This series of booklets is meant to be a simple, and easy to apply, introduction to the new wave of thinking, and being on the planet. We are living in an era of powerful change. Let's participate on an individual basis, as that is really our only option. We cannot change others, and fighting against what we don't want, is only giving what we don't want more energy. When we elevate our thinking and therefore our frequency, we are elevating the vibration of the planet.

Booklet 1, This Little Light of Mine, is meant for parents and their young children.
Booklet 2, Every Cell in My Body is for preteens and teens.
Booklet 3, Fuel for Contemplation is meant for adults.

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BioSonic Enterprises is dedicated to developing and distributing life-changing products in music and sound healing, energy medicine and higher consciousness. The directors are Dr. John Beaulieu and Thea Keats Beaulieu. (Affiliate link)
What is an Activated Label imageWhat is an Activated Label imageWhat is an Activated Label image
Molecular Wisdom Offers you pre-programmed signposts for your path.  
The signs come in the form of Activated Power Word Labels.

These Labels have been preprogrammed and activated energetically by Fran using her TimeWaver quantum resonance device. They will continue to receive vibrational activation at a distance in the Field 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You choose an Activated Label that matches an issue or subconscious program in your life that you wish to upgrade or change.

You place the label strategically and whatever you place the label on will entrain, or synchronize, to the frequency of the focus on the label. For example, if you place your Love Label on your water bottle, the water will be infused with the frequencies of love, represented in the energetic treatment that has been applied to the label.

Each Activated Label has specific “treatments” through multiple frequencies to optimize a powerful focus for that label. For example, one entry states “We are all one. As I learn to love myself, I learn to love others. Love flows through and all around me.” These words are transmitted through frequency to the Power Word label. There can also be a symbol transmitted through the field to promote additional heightened vibrations. Each Power Word Label has a specific treatment plan which provides optimal frequencies to their location in the world.

The TimeWaver is the quantum resonance system that is used to embed the Power Word frequencies into the label. The Activated Label is recognized as a client by the system, and it continues to receive a Treatment at a distance 24/7. For more information on the TimeWaver System.

Molecular Wisdom Activated Power Word Labels can be used in a variety of applications. You may decide to focus on one topic and place multiples of a that same label to catch your attention more often. For example: you may want to place an Abundance Label on your wallet, your mirror, your refrigerator, and the dashboard of your car. Every time you notice your Abundance Label you are connecting with the TimeWaver's Treatment that is in the Field. This consciously reinforces the frequency of abundance in your life.

Another option is to choose many different Activated Labels that resonate with you. You could place your Gratitude Label on your bottle of Balance Oil, your Abundance Label on your wallet, and your Love Label on your bathroom mirror, to acknowledge every time you look in the mirror that you are loved. These labels make it easy to work on more than one goal at a time, all the while becoming more and more tuned into the frequency you want your life to resonate with.  

Changing subconscious belief patterns can be challenging and take a long time. With use of these Activated Power Word Labels bouncing around your external environment you are strengthening your new life's story. New neural pathways are being created while your old story of lack and burdens will drop away. Self awareness and empowerment are important aspects of subconscious reprogramming. Every time you look at the Power Word Label you are consciously changing the vibrations in your field.

Congratulations, you are building a new life for yourself!

Instructions for use will be included with your purchase of the labels along with the TimeWaver treatment list. The first time you read this treatment list please highlight the entries that most resonate with you. Keep the list on your nightstand to read morning and evening as you relax and breathe deeply.

There is a powerful triangle of energy formed between the Therapist (Fran), the Quantum Device (TimeWaver) and the Activated Label.

Upon receipt of your activated labels, you form your own energetic triangle, between you, your Labels and the quantum device. Every time you acknowledge, visually, and consciously, the meaning of this powerful word, you are reinforcing this energetic triangle and raising the frequencies in your field.

Experience the EEQube with Fran Janes at Molecular Wisdom 
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Fran is an experienced Holistic Energy Therapist in Canada and a firm believer in taking a complete approach to healing. Through her practice, she promotes well-being, personal growth, and life expansion so that her clients can achieve their wildest dreams.

As a successful Massage Therapist for 23 years, Fran has come to believe the origin of physical pain is not necessarily to be found in the body but rather in the informational field. This field is the energy that surrounds and envelopes the physical body and contains all the data of your life, as well as the conscious and subconscious mind, including memories.

Fran specializes in working with individuals and families worldwide through the advanced technology of Time Waver, Healy, and Biofield Tuning to bring harmony to the physical body and it's neuronal pathways for growth and optimal well-being!

Since 2012, Fran has been working with “the energy field” using a quantum resonance device called TimeWaver. This technology offers limitless possibilities as it touches the unified energy field. This can bring balance and harmony to the whole body. The benefits of working in this field are miraculous! Fran's clients see a real change for the better in their physical reality.

Biofield Tuning
In 2019, Fran became a Certified Biofield Tuning Practitioner. Biofield Tuning is a sound healing modality that works inside the energy field of the physical body utilizing tuning forks. All physical, mental and emotional disorders can be perceived as "dissonance" in our energy fields. Biofield Tuning is able to diminish and resolve this dissonance and in doing so, alleviate and even eradicate the corresponding physical, mental, and/or emotional symptoms.

Molecular Wisdom
Through Fran's accumulative practices, extensive training, and personal experience she has developed Molecular Wisdom Activated Power Word Labels. It is a physical label which has been personally programmed and created using the various technology Fran works with. As a result it creates a continual stream of healing energies anywhere these labels are placed. Fran's clients witness a flow of powerful energetics that promote transformation and harmony in order to keep the mind, body, and spirit healthy and active!

Fran thrives to see her patients aligned to their greatest well-being. She offers heart-centered support and will follow up with care to ensure each person is set-up for success in every area of life!

Your connection to the information field

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Upgrade your story for the desired life you choose; a life of self-empowerment and joy!

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