18 Aug

I like to compare these pathways in our brains to the pathways in our computers or smart phones. When you interact with technology you automatically know where to click, what each icon means, and what type of file you are looking for. The software on your device picks up on your most frequented pathways and begins to just “go there”. 

When it comes to your thoughts, the more you think them, especially when accompanied by an emotion, the clearer the pathway in your brain. The neurons connected to your “story” strengthen and join up with similar neurons as you tell your story again. The more you think and talk about an old story or belief the stronger that frequency becomes in your field and the easier it is "to go there" in your head. Whether your story is, “I can’t afford that, I’m broke”, or “I can afford everything I need”, you are creating your life by the frequencies of your thoughts and words. 

What you focus on, you will get more of. It is said that spending just 20 seconds on a thought pattern begins to establish the resulting frequency in your field, so it is important to be able to recognize and release old unproductive thoughts, words, and emotions as they come up. Any neural pathways that get ignored and abandoned will eventually break down and dissolve. When the software in your computer is no longer relevant and causes delays and malfunctions, it is time to update the system. 

Molecular Wisdom Power Word Labels are here to assist you in upgrading the neuronal pathways in your brain which updates your life story. Your new story is one of self-empowerment, success, joy and love. 

Let's focus on that! 

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