Your Energy Field image
We are all energetic beings comprised of frequencies, vibrations, and light particles.

We are surrounded by electromagnetic fields. These fields can be known as your Aura, Biofield, or Information Field.

Frequency, sound, or information in your field is reflective of what is happening in your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. When the energy in your field changes, the energy in your body responds. When the energy in your body changes, the frequencies in your field are altered.

For example, when you experience fear, your electromagnetic field is influenced and changes the vibrations in your field. Your body and your field are in constant communication with each other. Both start to respond on a molecular level to the energy of fear.  In Chinese medicine, the organ system that relates to fear are the kidneys, and the element is water. If exposed to fear for long periods of time this may start to breakdown the flow of your water system and in turn influence your kidneys. The vibration of fear can come from a new emotion, an outside influence, an old familiar feeling, from the past, or even an ancestral fear stuck in your field.

Exercise is a great example of how your body affects your energy field. When you exercise, your organ systems respond, energy flows, you begin to vibrate with a sense of positive energy. You feel good about yourself. Your light is shining. The electromagnetic field surrounding you becomes charged with brilliant energy.

At the deepest level, everything is energy, and everything has an electromagnetic field. Every organ system has its own set of coherence frequencies. The energy field of your heart can be detected several feet away from your body. Every cell has a field and can communicate with every other cell energetically.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have the universal field and the global field. The planet earth has a field that responds to global events. The population of a country has a combined energetic field. A family or tribe has an energy representative of all its members. Your individual field extends 5 – 6 feet out from your body.

When you spend time in close proximity with someone, your fields are mingling, and energy can be exchanged. As energetic beings, it is important that we pay attention to the quality and flow of our energy bodies. Each of us are responsible for maintaining our own energy field, for recharging our batteries, and for allowing our light to shine brightly. Negative emotions like fear or anger cause us to leak our life force.

Love is a powerful frequency, to strengthen and reinforce your energy field.
Abundance, Focus, and Creativity are unique frequencies for more aliveness.
Gratitude, Acceptance, and Trust open the heart to greater opportunities.
Balance, Awareness, and Grounded help you be fully embodied.

Let Molecular Wisdom brighten your energetic field. With continual frequency fine tuning. Feel the difference!